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Susan Frye

Susan Frye, is the co-founder and partner at Folk Keeper Gallery and Antiques in historic downtown Lenoir.  

Susan loves children and has enjoyed her time as a teacher in the Caldwell County School system and now that she is full time at Folk Keeper Gallery and Antiques she is looking forward to this new chapter in life. As an artist, Susan loves to express her creative side by using objects that have had a previous life.  Susan says, “creating something new out of something used is the way of the Folk artist.”

"We live in a wonderful world of thoughts and expressions without boundaries."

The idea of spending the day creating folk art and sharing it with others is incredible.  Susan works with the growing number of the artist represented in the gallery and curates a blend of antiques for a stylistic balance.

Susan says working with all the artists is a lot of fun and it’s never a dull day at Folk Keeper Gallery and Antiques.