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Ilona Fekete

Ilona Fekete was born in a small town in Hungary in 1953.  The daughter of a Farmer, Ilona developed her love of traditional Hungarian crafts such as crocheting and fine needle embroidery, which were passed down through the generations.  While raising a family in Canada, she developed her love of folk art painting by studying traditional European folk artists.  Now semi-retired, Ilona spends her time developing naïve renderings of everyday life.  Ilona’s paintings tell a story of rustic simplicity through bold colors and whimsical simplicity.  

As a believer in giving back to others, Ilona regularly donates her paintings to charitable organizations for auction to help raise money for children to attend art camp and assist with funds for a battered women’s shelter. 

With the maturity that comes with witnessing life’s joys and tragedies, Ilona has developed her love of folk art painting to reflect her motto:

“Life can be hard…art should be happy”