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Caron Baker Wike

The story goes: “When my great grandfather was billeted on a British military base in Ireland during the latter part of Queen Victoria’s reign in the late 1800’s, Great Grandmother Baker went with him. She loved the beautiful Irish lace, tatting, and linens, and started a collection of them.” Some of these heirlooms have passed on to me.

When I started pottery and found out about texture, I remembered the box full of old lace. I sewed the damaged pieces back together and started using them in my pots. The lace is not harmed during the process and I am preserving my family’s heritage and sharing it with you.

The leaf pots are made with real laves picked locally in the North Carolina mountains. I find the leaves in the woods, in gardens, in empty lots and along roadsides around my area. Some of the leaved are paulownia, burdock, coltsfoot, hydrangea, sunflower, sycamore, squash, and Queen Anne’s lace, just to name a few.