Carol Roll

Carol Roll is a late in life folk artist. Her medium is mostly paper mache embellished with found objects, primarily vintage odds and ends, as she finds something comforting and quieting about old faded and loved objects. Her emphasis is on the faces, sometimes serious, often impish, at times somber, but always with childish innocence. It is Carols’ hope that her work shows her love of these things and evokes sweet nostalgic memories. Carols’ art has been called fine craft, naive, Americana, folk art, mixed media, and three dimensional, but, whatever it is called, it is her passion and has been since her first paper mache piece in 2004. Carols’ work has been mentioned in global, regional and local publications, and has sold worldwide. Carol resides in Florida, so we’re very pleased to have the opportunity to offer her delightful vision of the world in our gallery here in the Gateway to the West