Brenda and Beau Lyday

Brenda is an avid collector of antique photographs; often turning to them for inspiration. The people she paints are real.

You can see worry in their faces, weariness from long hours of work, dreams not quite fulfilled, the aches and pains in their posture. Sometimes you can see the love. It’s these raw emotions I strive to capture”.

 “I believe the photographs I am drawn to take me back to a time in my life when the world seems a simpler place.

Growing up I didn’t realize that aprons and overalls had made such an impression on me”.

When viewing Brenda’s art, she wants you to be reminded of a favorite aunt, uncle, or grandparent, a favorite place in the country, perhaps a happy memory from childhood. “I want them to remember and reflect, as I do, on the musty smell of the pillow on the front porch swing, the rain dripping off the eaves into a bucket, the smell of fresh biscuits baking in the wood cook stove, and the sound of laughter coming from the heart of the home”.

“My husband, Beau’s role in my art is just as important as my own. He cuts out the figures, I paint them, and then we work together on the best way to re-create the photo. He goes to great lengths to bring life to my vision. He is an amazing artist. Without him I wouldn’t be able to do this”. "With every piece I make I take my time. pondering over each piece of wood, figuring how best to cut it for its beauty and character. Using old-time skills I build my pieces to be long lasting, functional and pleasing" says Beau.

Although Brenda & Beau have been creating art independently for much of their lives, their collaboration began in 2013. American Folk is proud to represent the artwork of these North Carolinians who interpret our disappearing landscapes and people so lovingly.